Posted by Pree Walia on July 04, 2016 at 1:55 PM

We are thrilled to highlight Ambassadors who believe smart is beautiful and want to make technology accessible to all.

Meet Zeynep - our Rockstar 16 year old Ambassador from Nova Scotia! This is her Social Bee Challenge Submission.


Hi there! I am Zeynep a 16 year old girl from an itty bitty town in Nova Scotia, Canada. I have loved nail art and everything beauty related since I was 4 years old. When I started school I discovered a passion for learning and storytelling which quickly labelled me “the nerd”. Soon I fell into a rut feeling like I was not allowed to be both girly/pretty and smart. This went on until 6th grade when I tried to break down those stereotype walls and be true to my feminine self. I unknowingly walked into a world of young girls judging each other based on their appearance from the brands on their face and body to the physical features they had been born with. These were some dark years where I struggled with fitting in, I went so far as to develop an eating disorder. In 10th grade I began to see light and it was coming from my laptop screen. I saw these confident women in pop culture and social media killing it! I knew I could to do the same so now I dress how I want and wear my acrylics and matte lipstick with pride!


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