Posted by Pree Walia on August 24, 2015 at 5:00 AM

Preemadonna is building a next generation, smart female consumer company and our Ambassadors are its founding members. We are redefining inspirational beauty and showing the world that being smart and feeling beautiful are not a contradiction. And we are doing it girl by girl, neighborhood by neighborhood, and nail by nail with our seriously fun invention, the Nailbot

Our Preemadonna Ambassador program is not a cosmetics membership club. It’s not a ploy to get your daughters, friends or nieces to pay money. And it’s not a subscription box that you have to pay for.

If it’s “free”, then why are we doing this? 

We created the Ambassador Program to give girls - aged 8 to 18 - an opportunity to build this company and movement with us. Our eye has always been on crafting the best product experiences for other girls - and we have incorporated your feedback in every iteration. For example, the Nailbot that we will be crowdfunding in the Fall won’t only come in pink (even though I love pink:-))! Girls voiced their vote for teal, mint and rainbow!

Our long-term plan has always been to incorporate ways that girls can be creative and learn through our platform - design cool art, program an early prototype of their own DIY printer and share creative stories. We know girls are dynamic and have varied interests. Accordingly, there are different types of Ambassadors - you can participate in as many categories as you’d like!

Artists are our designers that love to draw, paint or create digitally. 

Girls will have an opportunity to draw their nail art manually and then upload and share those designs with our community via email or through their social networks. More advanced artists can use software programs to digitally create art to share. For girls that don’t yet use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign or another software program, Preemadonna will introduce web and written tutorials pertinent to creating Nailbot nail art through our Ambassador program. 

Social Bees are our online storytellers in an age of the Internet, mobile phones and social media.

If you love to spread the buzz, contribute to our blog, share ideas and even host offline events, then you are a Preemadonna Social Bee! Even if you don’t yet use a social media channel like Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter, you can contribute your stories, blog posts and ideas – we love hearing from you! (Note: Social Bee Ambassadors that want to voluntarily share our social media material on third party networks like Instagram or Snapchat must be at least 13.)

Hackers are a force to be reckoned with!

We heard from so many girls that that they wanted to program and even build their own printer! We know it will take some time before the Nailbot will be shipped to Ambassadors. So our team is putting together Preemadonna Hacker, exclusive tutorials and curriculum for you to build your own DIY printer.

What are the next steps? Make sure to join today, and if you have a friend, sister, daughter, niece that you think would love to be a part of this girl powered community, spread the word! We will be hosting Ambassador webinars through the Fall and our website will be updated soon with a special Ambassador section!

We have girls of all ages that would like to be Ambassadors. While our first Nailbot may not appeal to a high school student as much as a younger girl, we WILL have Nailbots coming out for girls and women of all ages (get excited!). High Schoolers that want to help lead and support younger Ambassadors are also encouraged to join - in time we will introduce a formal program for awesome rockstars who want to lead the initiative. Sommar, one of our Lead Ambassadors, is a senior in high school and shared her experience in a blog post last week.

Preemadonna Ambassadors are an all-star force. They aren’t paid and they don’t pay us to be in a ‘club.’ Ambassadors are dynamic, collaborative and creative young women that want to be involved in something that they can help build from ground-up. Preemadonnas aren’t perfect, and we are never going to be! But we embrace all of our collective quirks and personality and channel it into something extraordinary!




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