Posted by Kyra Wayne on February 14, 2016 at 7:43 PM

I proudly announce to people all the time that I am firm believer in the movement of getting more girls into the tech industry. It has been such a rewarding field for me that I cannot wait to spread the wealth to others. And I must say, seeing it happen in person was one of the most electrifying things on earth (pun totally intended, as you’ll soon find out).

I boarded the ferry on Bainbridge Island, WA on a bitter-cold December night with one of my closest girlfriends, Ashleigh. We were both in tights, high heels, and smashing dresses that we really need to come up with excuses to wear more often—and the excitement was palpable. We were on our way to the technology fashion show: the first of its kind by an organization called Tech++

Tech++ “empowers women to capitalize on technology within different career paths by providing opportunities for growth, networking and technical education,” and as you can imagine Preemadonna was right on board with them. I jumped at the chance to attend as our start-up’s representative. The night was filled with much schmoozing; I even met one of the models who was from Melbourne, Australia, right where I had just gotten back from (more stories to come from Australia soon)!

Everyone there was passionate about technology, which was a heartwarming thing to see. These were Seattle’s most curious and hip people, and I was right there with them. The founders of Tech++ gave an amazing speech about their mission, which was followed by a line of beautiful women dressed in all white, wearing light-up wings and hats and gloves and shoes. Two Indian women used the light-up gloves to perform a Bollywood dance, a spectacular ode to their historical culture as well as to their future. My pride in this movement was reinvigorated all over again.

Attending this event reminded me what it is to be a Preemadonna: smart, curious, dynamic, innovative, and beautiful. I’m looking forward to attending more events like this in the future!



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