Posted by Marie Millan on January 05, 2018 at 4:27 PM

Wednesday Oct 4th : Day 1

I made it to Columbus, Ohio for the Girl Scout Convention all in one piece! After a five-hour flight, Pree and I landed in John Glenn Columbus International Airport and were immediately hit with signs for the convention everywhere we went. There were volunteers there ready to help us get to our hotel with ease to recharge our batteries for the next day. Even while we were on the bus to the hotel, everyone was chit chatting about whether they were here for the convention. Once Pree and I got settled in, we decided to stretch our legs and check out the Convention Center. I don’t know about you but I was not expecting the convention center to be so long. Maybe its my short legs that made it feel like walking from one side to the other was like walking through an expanse of prairie with the horizon ever stretching away from you. By the time we finally reached the Hall of Experiences where our Preemadonna booth would be, I could have sworn we had crossed state lines, but it was worth it though because I got to peek through the doors and what lay behind them got me super excited for tomorrow. I’m not going to tell you now because I don’t want to spoil the surprise. You’ll just have to wait till tomorrow to find out the awesomeness that is awaiting. For now, good night and get pumped for G.I.R.L. Con 2017!



Thursday Oct 5th : Day 2

            Man, what a day! Today we got to not only build our booth and watch others do the same, but also got to do a few previews for some early birds. It was amazing, all the things that were around us, all the cool gadgets and toys; made me feel like I was in a science emporium. I could have spent all day exploring the floor and trying out the NASA gyro ball, AT&T infinity room and the dozens of cool stem and entrepreneur booths. What definitely made the whole experience of being here feel more real was when early ticket holders, CEO’s and sponsors started to come up to our booth and ask about the Nailbot. I got to tell you, I am by no means a sales woman, I tend to be the awkward nerd that takes care of all the tech behind the scenes but today I guess my excitement turned me into a seasoned orator. I was pitching the awesomeness of the Nailbot left and right, so much so that I didn’t even realize when the Hall of Experiences started closing for the night. Three hours had passed by in the blink of an eye and was one of the few times in which speaking to others about something I am passionate about was as easy to me as building the Nailbot itself. And to think today was just a taste of what is to come tomorrow. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s adventures.


Friday Oct 6th : Day 3

            Oh my goodness…I feel like a granny. It literally took me 10 minutes to jump out of my booth clothes and into my PJs to later crawl my way into my bed to write this. Today was looonnggg… my body knows this but I guess my brain didn’t. It isn’t until right now that I am realizing that I stood on my feet walking around, talking to all the girls, and showing off the Nailbot for seven hours. Not to mention I survived on just one cup of coffee (unheard of for me) and a breakfast sandwich (sorry to anyone that caught me in between bites). Honestly though, the positive energy in that room was so palpable, it was nearly impossible not to get swept up in it and turn into a twelve-year-old again. The girls were all so smart, sweet, and excited that it felt like I was talking to friends. Pree did her Campfire Session and from the booth, Grace and I, cheered her on. The girls loved it and designed some of their own nail art as an activity. It truly is amazing the creativity the girls have. I was astounded with the talent that was there. We talked to so many girls and got to share with them our little creation, as well as do some demos. It was so cool to see their expressions when they would see the Nailbot in action in front of their eyes. We would say, “Don’t blink or you’ll miss it!” and the girls would have their eyes glued to the screen. The Nailbot would do its thing and when it swiped over and printed the girls would go, “Oh my gosh I almost missed it!” or my personal favorite, where they would just look flabbergasted and search for their friend’s reaction to see if it matched their own. It was really a great day, though the thing that really put the cherry on top was when Grace and I got to take a picture with a baby kangaroo. That was awesome. I can only imagine what tomorrow is going to be like. You know what? I think I’ll do that in my dreams right now. Till tomorrow!



Saturday Oct 7th : Day 4

            I am so sad. The day is over and so is our time here at the G.I.R.L. Convention. I am going to miss all the cool things that were there. The 3d printers, Wolfram, and the Chalk T-shirt booth. But today was another amazing day in which we got to meet so many people from all over the place. Some from Hawaii, Florida, New Jersey, everywhere. They all were super sweet. Some of them brought us little gifts, such as a buckeye nut, little badges from their troops and pins. The amount of people at the convention today though as probably like twice that of yesterday. It was BUSY. Poor Grace, our demo-ist extraordinaire had to redo her nails at least three times to be able to do the demos fresh. At one point we started joking about how could have probably gone through half the emoji collection just by the number of demos we did. Everything though was great and the girls we met that did our Nail Art Challenge had some ridiculous talent. The type that I am jealous of and wish that they would either teach me some of their Yoda ways or give their talent to me. What was pretty cool though was when I met my name twin. It has been, and I kid you not, ten years since I have met another Marie (first name). She was of course awesome in every sense of the word. Sadly, though it had to come to an end today. The mood was kind of melancholy when the three of us were taking our booth down. We had such a great time that it was kind of sad that we had to go away. But you know what? This adventure has cemented my love for the work I do with the Nailbot and reaffirms why I do what I do. We will definitely be looking forward to G.I.R.L. Con 2020 in Florida!


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