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Blast Off With Nailbot

Looking back on my busy summer, I can tell you that one of my favorite memories is going to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland. I was selected to visit Goddard for five days to learn more about space! During the week, I was able to talk to lots of NASA professionals, including the head of the largest heliophysics division in the word. The Parker Solar Probe that just launched, will orbit the Sun closer than any other man made object has before! Just as this probe has launched, soon Preemadonna’s Nailbot will be launching.





Jackie Builds the MakerKit

I went into the Maker Kit challenge with virtually no experience in building or in robots, so you can imagine I was a little overwhelmed when I dumped out all the pieces in front of me. Honestly, all the parts looked the same; it was hard to distinguish what pieces were supposed to fit with each other.  But I decided to give it my best, and to my surprise, I actually began to put the printer together without any issues!!!


Preemadonna at the Garage!

This July, Preemadonna was lucky enough to meet at the Garage as well as with the Digital Media Academy on Northwestern’s campus in Evanston Illinois.  The Garage is a space where startup companies can build and learn from each other in a workspace environment.  Preemadonna was able to speak in front of their Summer Accelerator which included several early-based student startups.  A group of DMA students were also able to attend Preemadonna’s presentation at the Garage.  DMA is an organization that holds STEM based learning programs for young students in the area.  


Smart Beauty: A Robot that Paints Nails & Inspires Minds

I like being smart. I like feeling beautiful. I like being a girl.

I am also the lead inventor of the Nailbot.

This is the story behind our product. We are more than a beauty company. We are more than a tech company. We are a community of dynamic women and men who like seriously fun technology.


Introducing Julia - Rockstar Nail Artist & Coder

Hi everyone, my name is Julia and I’m so excited to be collaborating with the team behind the Nailbot! I’m an aspiring nail artist, and when the Preemadonna founders spoke at my school, I fell in love with their idea.  I had never thought to combine my interests in nail art and my interests in coding before.  I’m always looking for new nail art techniques, and their presentation was the first time I had seen (or even thought of) printing on nails.  Pure genius!

Preemadonna & MakerGirl Partner to Spark Girls’ Interest in STE(A)M

"I believe we need to have more girls interested in mathematics, science, and engineering and that won’t happen by accident. We have half the population that is under-represented or unrepresented in those fields and that means that we’ve got talent not being encouraged."

-Caitlyn Deegan, MakerGirl Team Manager

MakerGirl and Preemadonna are working together to turn this research on its head.


From the day that Preemadonna was incorporated, I knew that we would be a global company built by girls. I wanted the company to incorporate a female, international perspective to power our products and community.

Preemadonna Debuts the Nailbot, The Device That Uses a Smartphone to Print Instant Art Directly Onto Nails


Preemadonna Debuts the Nailbot, The Device That Uses a Smartphone to Print Instant Art Directly Onto Nails

Preemadonna selected as a finalist at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015 Startup Battlefield and first runner-up at Silicon Valley Robotics’ international startup competition, 2015 Robot Launch

Who Runs the World? Preemadonna Ambassadors

Preemadonna is building a next generation, smart female consumer company and our Ambassadors are its founding members. We are redefining inspirational beauty and showing the world that being smart and feeling beautiful are not a contradiction. And we are doing it girl by girl, neighborhood by neighborhood, and nail by nail with our seriously fun invention, the Nailbot

Preemadonna Lead Ambassador & "Sommar" Intern

Hi fellow Preemadonnas, 

My name is Sommar (pronounced “Summer”) Veverka, and I’ve joined the Preemadonna team this summer as a Lead Preemadonna Ambassador and intern. I am an incoming senior at Miramonte High School in Orinda, California. I love my dog Boomer, which is an adorable puggle. I love to travel and eat well, which means my friends and I often go searching for the trendiest places in the Bay Area.  


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