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Grace - Our Aspiring Entrepreneur & Preemadonna Community Manager

Hey Preemadonna people!

My name is Grace Quinn and I am a freshman this year at Indiana University studying business marketing and psychology. A couple quick fun facts about myself: I play the ukulele, I have two dogs named after my two favorite treats: Oreo and Rolo, I have lived in California my whole life so you can pretty much always find me at the beach, I am a member of the Alpha Xi Delta sorority, and I am super excited to be a summer intern!


Sneha - Teaching Coding through Nail Art

What’s up Preemadonnas? My name is Sneha Ramesh, I’m 19 years old and a current sophomore at Santa Clara University majoring in Computer Science. I’m a new intern at Preemadonna, and I’m going to be working with Kyra to develop the new “Code Your Own Nail Art” website and then hopefully work on even more diverse projects in the future!



Zeynep - Featured Preemadonna Ambassador!

We are thrilled to highlight Ambassadors who believe smart is beautiful and want to make technology accessible to all.

Meet Zeynep - our Rockstar 16 year old Ambassador from Nova Scotia! This is her Social Bee Challenge Submission.


Introducing Julia - Rockstar Nail Artist & Coder

Hi everyone, my name is Julia and I’m so excited to be collaborating with the team behind the Nailbot! I’m an aspiring nail artist, and when the Preemadonna founders spoke at my school, I fell in love with their idea.  I had never thought to combine my interests in nail art and my interests in coding before.  I’m always looking for new nail art techniques, and their presentation was the first time I had seen (or even thought of) printing on nails.  Pure genius!

Meet Meghna - Preemadonna Super Ambassador

Hi! My name is Meghna Okhade, and I am a 9th grader at Mission San Jose High School, located in Fremont, CA. Some of my favorite things to do include reading, swimming, and traveling. I also enjoy music-related activities such as playing the piano and singing. 

Preemadonna Debuts the Nailbot, The Device That Uses a Smartphone to Print Instant Art Directly Onto Nails


Preemadonna Debuts the Nailbot, The Device That Uses a Smartphone to Print Instant Art Directly Onto Nails

Preemadonna selected as a finalist at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015 Startup Battlefield and first runner-up at Silicon Valley Robotics’ international startup competition, 2015 Robot Launch

The Nailbot: A Different Type of Product

As we’ve mentioned in the past, Preemadonna means being a lot of things - being dynamic, being smart, and feeling beautiful. That’s the foundation that we are building the company on, but many of you have asked how it relates to our first product, the Nailbot. Well, it’s complicated.

Pushing Boundaries With Nail Art

During Caitlyn Jenner’s mainstream interview with Diane Sawyer, it was casually revealed that Bruce Jenner looked forward to ‘wearing nail polish’ the most when completing the transition to Caitlyn. The interview has accelerated profound conversations about gender identity. 

The Freedom to Express Yourself

Marne, our amazing community manager, has pushed me to share advice with all of you Preemadonnas on how to master July 4th festive nail art. I wish I had instructive YouTube tutorials on how to get the best star spangled, chevron or tuxedo manis, but the truth is that while I love sporting nail art, I have had a hard time being a maker or creator of it without the Nailbot. I am terribly coordinated, can’t paint with my non dominant hand, and (before inventing the Nailbot) often used stickers to get designs on my nails. 

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