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Preemadonna & MakerGirl Partner to Spark Girls’ Interest in STE(A)M

"I believe we need to have more girls interested in mathematics, science, and engineering and that won’t happen by accident. We have half the population that is under-represented or unrepresented in those fields and that means that we’ve got talent not being encouraged."

-Caitlyn Deegan, MakerGirl Team Manager

MakerGirl and Preemadonna are working together to turn this research on its head.

The Hustler & The Hacker

Preemadonna is driven by two of the most passionate and talented people that I have met in my work with over 100 start-up founders. Not only are Pree and Casey wicked-smart and driven, they are also aligned around a goal of symbolizing a movement of females in tech, which I firmly believe is 100% aligned with the aspirations of their target audience. They are not just pushing tech, they are captivating a new audience with a meaningful offering, which is both inspirational and fun for tweens and teens. They are leading the way for IoT in the beauty vertical. It will be an inspirational journey to see what they do next.

Would a Female President Be Paid the Same Amount as a Male?

By Ethelbert Williams, Advisor

A young girl stood up at a Las Vegas town hall earlier this summer and asked presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, "Do you think when you're President you'll be paid the same as if you were a man?" The crowd cheered, Clinton laughed and responded, "This is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same."

The Dad’s Perspective

For me, as the proud dad of Preemadonna co-founder Casey, it is easy to see her today as a creative engineer and inventor.

The Big Sister Perspective

Written by Amy Walia-Fazio and Deneese Walia Levin

It’s strange to write formally about our baby sister, Preemadonna’s CEO. From infancy, we dressed Pree in an array of ridiculous outfits, put her hair in barrettes and bands, and made her the experiment of our girl group trios. But we’ve also watched her grow up into the strong and smart woman that she is today, and are in awe of her tenacity. A larger-than-life laugh and a willingness to see the best in us define Pree.

Preemadonna at #BlogHer15

I spent two weeks on the East Coast in July for work meetings and for the #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us conference in New York City. This was my first time attending a professional blogger event and it exceeded my expectations.

I met many incredible women who forged their own entrepreneurial path through their blogs - even while having full time jobs. I immediately felt a strong sense of camaraderie as I networked and learned the ins and outs of vlogging (video blogging), crafting relevant content, and creating an authentic brand with 1,000+ other women. 

Who Runs the World? Preemadonna Ambassadors

Preemadonna is building a next generation, smart female consumer company and our Ambassadors are its founding members. We are redefining inspirational beauty and showing the world that being smart and feeling beautiful are not a contradiction. And we are doing it girl by girl, neighborhood by neighborhood, and nail by nail with our seriously fun invention, the Nailbot

The Nailbot: A Different Type of Product

As we’ve mentioned in the past, Preemadonna means being a lot of things - being dynamic, being smart, and feeling beautiful. That’s the foundation that we are building the company on, but many of you have asked how it relates to our first product, the Nailbot. Well, it’s complicated.

Redefining Inspirational Beauty

I am a student of history. I learn through real world tales of extraordinary triumphs and heartbreaks.

At 29 in 2012, I was on an uncharted path. I had nothing (so I perceived) ‘tying’ me down – no children, boyfriend, employer, or huge responsibility. Instead, I had a crazy idea. I wanted to build a nail painting robot.

This robot, “The Nailbot”, would eventually define the next two and half years of my life (and counting).