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1871 Pitch - From Preemadonna Ambassador to Entrepreneur

Outside of interning for Preemadonna and helping with Nailbot, I've been an active entrepreneur exploring new business ideas. On July 19th 2018, I did my first business pitch. My business is called SquareOne and we focus of providing teens with career development programs through the use of our app. We created a platform that connects programs looking for high school students to students. This Pitch competition was held at 1871 and was organized through a group called Future Founders. This was a great experience because 2 weeks leading up the pitch I was given guidance by Future Founders on how to properly develop my business plan.

Throughout the two weeks no one really minded my nails. People even gave me comment on how nice and long my nails were. I remember a couple of days into the program I engaged in a very lively conversation on how to keep I keep my nails nice and long. So, my nails didn't affect me negatively at all.



Jodie - Preemadonna Fashionista & MBA Intern

Hi Preemadonnas!

My name is Jodie Cheung. I will be pursing my MBA at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business this Fall. I am very excited to join Preemadonna this summer to work with a fun team of people with diverse talents and backgrounds. I look forward to learning more about the tech industry and the journey to become a female CEO in Silicon Valley like Pree! Through my consulting experience working with Consumer Products companies, I have developed a passion to satisfy consumers' needs through innovative solutions. I am thrilled to be part of Preemadonna's mission to build smart products and creative platforms to inspire others.