Posted by Sona Kaul on September 03, 2016 at 1:12 PM

My name is Sona Kaul. I am an industrial engineering major at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, graduating in May 2017. I am working on the Preemadonna mobile app and I am also a MakerGirl Change Maker!

My experiences and knowledge that I have gained with Preemadonna and MakerGirl have truly opened my eyes to the progress that women have made in recent years but also all the progress we have yet to make.


Upon coming to college and being in both large and small classes that were most male-dominated, I knew that the unequal gender distribution was a result of history and stereotypes of the kinds of jobs that men and women have. I was proud to break that status quo. However, I was naïve to not realize that the reason for this disproportion is because of the societal messages that women in our country hear constantly, whether it be from parents, teachers, or the media that they are limited in terms of their capabilities and, therefore, their career path.


Since I have been in college, I have made it my mission to help empower women to pursue anything they want without fear of judgement. By aligning myself with MakerGirl and Preemadonna, I have been able to connect with many young girls who love to 3D print and code and are excited to create new things and make the world a better place with their knowledge.

It has been inspiring to meet so many elementary-age girls who truly believe that the sky is the limit for them. I think that by encouraging young girls, little by little, one woman at a time, we can encourage our female youth to challenge themselves and try anything that interests them. So, I urge YOU to inspire the young girls that you know to be their own person – to follow their dreams regardless of what others think their dreams should be. Let them know that anything is possible. And I am thrilled to have two great companies, Preemadonna and MakerGirl, alongside us in this movement.  

Sona Kaul



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