Posted by Preemadonna on February 28, 2017 at 7:07 AM

What’s up Preemadonnas? My name is Sneha Ramesh, I’m 19 years old and a current sophomore at Santa Clara University majoring in Computer Science. I’m a new intern at Preemadonna, and I’m going to be working with Kyra to develop the new “Code Your Own Nail Art” website and then hopefully work on even more diverse projects in the future!



As a kid, I remember that watching Bill Nye the Science Guy in my 4th grade science class was the highlight of my week. “Inertia is a property of matter” would echo through my head, even though I wasn’t entirely sure what it meant. At that young age, I knew I wanted to get into science and technology. Fast forward to many years later, when I was in high school in India, I still loved science but I wasn’t so sure anymore. There were so many things I loved doing, but not one thing I was so passionate about and good at that I wanted to do forever. I started to actually get into computer science in the beginning of college—I loved that I could learn so much technical stuff, but there was also a huge aspect of creativity involved--I could teach myself new languages and build my own projects solely using online resources.

The summer after my freshman year at SCU, I was accepted to the Volunteer Internship Program at NASA Ames Research Center. I would be working on the image binarization of vascular images for the VESGEN software. I was beyond thrilled to be working at NASA that summer. It was initially daunting because I was very new to Python and image processing, but my mentors constantly encouraged me and valued my contributions, and I learned more than I ever thought I could in 10 weeks, from my mentors and by collaborating with other summer interns. I absolutely loved not only the actual work I did, but just being around so many intelligent, inspiring scientists that inspired me to seriously consider a career in academia/research. Currently, I’m a TA for Intro to Computer Science where I assist students with their lab assignments. It has helped me find the best way to explain concepts and boosted my teaching skills immensely. I’m also teaching myself more Web Design and Development for my Nail the Code project with Preemadonna. It’s going to be quite the challenge but I’m so excited to expand my skills and help come out with something amazing.


As I’m in the process of exploring, trying out new things and attempting to narrow down my interests, I realize that while binary thinking is right for computers it’s wrong for the real world. It’s okay to not completely know what I’m doing 100% of the time. I can do everything I love, and I don’t have to stick to one thing that’s my “true passion.” I make time for myself to sing and strum my guitar to my heart’s content, and perform when I can. I take diverse classes not related to my major, especially in subjects I’ve always been interested in including Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, and Creative Writing. I volunteer with organizations I love, especially animal shelters, and most recently, Grid Alternatives, a solar installation company that does free solar installs for low income families. I had so much fun going on Solar Winter Break, where along with some other SCU students, I helped complete a solar installation for a family in Chico. And when I’m not doing anything productive (which is more often than I’d like to admit), among other things, you can find me scrolling through my phone looking at dog and Joe Biden memes and tagging my friends, watching Netflix, attempting to work out, or spending time with my best friend, my golden retriever Simba.


The non-binary way of thinking emphasized in our mission is one reason I love Preemadonna. I love that we are spreading the idea that being smart and feeling beautiful aren’t mutually exclusive. I love that we are showing young girls that you can still get into any traditionally male dominated field even if you are traditionally “girly,” but also telling them it’s also completely okay if you’re just interested in the Nail Art aspect. This sort of inspiration is exactly what is necessary in the boy’s club atmosphere of the world of technology, and I’m so incredibly excited to be a part of it. 

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