Posted by Pree Walia on June 15, 2015 at 8:00 AM

HAX is the #1 hardware accelerator program, and Preemadonna’s guardian angel

When I first got the news that we got into Hax, Batch 6, I was ecstatic and inspired. HAX (formerly Haxlr8r) is the world’s first hardware accelerator - they take 10-15 global based teams to Shenzhen, China for four months where they give the lucky few some initial capital, and significant mentorship & engineering resources to bring the teams’ hardware concepts to advanced prototype form. 

Preemadonna, with our invention, The Nailbot, was among the lucky few chosen to participate.

Before we took off for China, Casey and I were excited and still a bit naive. We didn’t know what China and HAX had in store for us!


Our time in China was an adventure, and we learned so much. We visited factories that will eventually manufacture our Nailbots, electronics markets, certification labs, and met with strategic partners and numerous global mentors. 

The major reason we choose Hax was that we wanted to understand how to build the best prototypes for high volume manufacturing in a global marketplace. We wanted to know HOW products are built, where they are manufactured and what steps are involved in quality assurance, allowing us to build this company authentically for other girls and women across the world. Neither Casey nor I had ever lived in China and we knew that eventually major components of our products would be assembled and manufactured there - we did not just want to “outsource” this major piece of our business.

 We wanted to walk the walk, if we were going to talk the talk.

 Stayed tuned to hear about the climax of our HAX experience at HAX Demo Day in San Francisco this past May!

Preemadonna CEO & Co-Founder


HAX offices in Shenzhen - Welcome for Korean visitors! This is an international accelerator and we met teams and mentors from across the globe!



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