Posted by Julia Haried on November 18, 2015 at 9:00 AM

"I believe we need to have more girls interested in mathematics, science, and engineering and that won’t happen by accident. We have half the population that is under-represented or unrepresented in those fields and that means that we’ve got talent not being encouraged."

-Caitlyn Deegan, MakerGirl Team Manager

MakerGirl and Preemadonna are working together to turn this research on its head.

Encouraging girls to pursue their interests in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) is absolutely important, but by pairing Art with STEM, it inspires creativity, design innovation, and imagination. Without Ada Lovelaces’ (the first computer programmer) dream, vivid imagination and extensive background in music, she might not have been able to manage the tasks at hand.

I’m a co-founder of MakerGirl, and was lucky to be raised by parents that brought STEAM to life. I was educated by a mother that had her children pursue any and every avenue of art: hand-works, sewing quilts and costumes, musical theater, throwing pottery, cutting stained glass, tours of opera houses, etc.  She felt strongly that the arts made us more humane and compassionate and exposed us to all of it. She also enabled us to excel in math and exposed us to science projects like exploding volcanoes and launching Estes Rockets.

And then there was my father, a nuclear engineer with an MBA in finance, who supported all my mother’s efforts and naturally taught us about STEM through everyday life: like designing and creating an ice rink in our backyard, car mechanics, nutritional sciences, etc.

MakerGirl and Preemadonna bring STEAM to life every day by encouraging girls to design and innovate, and implement their creations! That gives them power and insights into a future in STEAM fields.

Continuing our effort to bring STEM and Art together, this October MakerGirl and Preemadonna partnered in hosting MakerGirl sessions in Champaign, Illinois, for a diverse set of girls, ages 7-10. At our event “The Nailbot for MakerGirl,” the girls learned how the first iterations of the Nailbot used 3D printing for their prototypes, and how 3D prototypes sped up the design process and ability to bring their idea to create a nail art printing robot to fruition.

Preemadonna is using creativity and innovative technology that girls love using to spark their interest in STEAM. The MakerGirls loved hearing about the technology & engineering behind the Nailbot, and they loved seeing their designs being printed. Preemadonna and their Nailbot, are achieving their mission of sparking girls’ interest in STEAM, opening up great opportunities for girls who might have otherwise not gotten excited about the field.

-Julia Haried
Co-founder of MakerGirl


P.S. The MakerGirls that attended the sessions were not the only people that learned something from Pree Walia, the co-founders of Preemadonna:

"Pree spoke about the values of women inspiring women and how your peers can be your biggest motivators."

- Joseph Milla, MakerGirl Website Designer & Data Analyst

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