Posted by Caitlyn Deegan on August 18, 2016 at 4:29 PM

This July, Preemadonna was lucky enough to meet at the Garage as well as with the Digital Media Academy on Northwestern’s campus in Evanston Illinois.  The Garage is a space where startup companies can build and learn from each other in a workspace environment.  Preemadonna was able to speak in front of their Summer Accelerator which included several early-based student startups.  A group of DMA students were also able to attend Preemadonna’s presentation at the Garage.  DMA is an organization that holds STEM based learning programs for young students in the area.  


Preemadonna’s cofounder, Pree Walia was able to share her story and experience in building her own company.  After sharing her highs and lows as well as valuable experience and lessons she learned along the way, the Northwestern startups as well as DMA were able to ask questions. 

Over the years, Pree has build a strong network for Preemadonna with a strong customer base.  The student startups were very interested in how Pree established this base and learned that it is a lot about promotion and keeping your customers and followers interested.  Pree talked about Preemadonna’s amazing ambassador program and how that keeps her user base as they are constantly informed and involved.  Pree also shared some of the Nailbot videos and spoke about how they need to be shown on the right platforms and shared by the  right people for the videos to gain traction.  This all helps gain that strong customer base a startup needs.  


A few of the student startups were able to speak exclusively with Pree. She was able to mentor some of the teams and answer more specific questions about her past experiences and networking.  

The young students of DMA were also able to ask questions and also had some one on one time with Pree.  They inquired about why Preemadonna chose to use Arduino Uno instead of a different microcontroller for the early Nailbot prototypes.  To that, Pree told them it was an easy decision since Casey, the other cofounder, had experience with it! The DMA students were also able to take a look at the various stages of the Nailbot and talk to Pree on a more personal level about hacking and programming.  At the end of the program, all of the students were invited to join the Preemadonna Ambassador Challenges!



The Garage was an amazing experience.  Meeting with Northwestern’s student startups as well as DMA’s students was very enlightening and a great way to share Preemadonna’s story.  I was very lucky to be a part of it and was glad to be able to see Pree tell her story and really inspire so many students.  

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