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How to Contribute Nailbot Art


What Designs Work Best & Finding Inspiration

Collections should be ten separate images. Below is an example of a Coffee Art themed collection we designed:




Feel free to look at what other artist have done on our Art Collections Page. Collections should be original, so you should not copy someone else’s idea, but take a look at what styles and other elements you might like to take inspiration from.

Creating the Art

A great way to get started with an art collection is by sketching ideas out in a notebook, especially if you’re not familiar with digital art programs yet. Once you figure out what you want to make, the following are some options for turning your ideas into digital art.

Adobe Illustrator

At Preemadonna, Illustrator is the primary program we use to design artwork. You can download a free trial here.

The difference between Illustrator and the other two programs on this list is that Illustrator is a vector-based program. That means that it uses mathematic equations and geometric primitives – points, lines, and shapes – to create art that is clean and can be scaled infinitely, without any loss of quality. The following two programs, Photoshop and GIMP, are pixel-based, not vector based, but they will still work very well and may be easier for beginners to use.

That being said, if you want to try out Illustrator or have worked with it before, this tutorial page might be helpful. One of our amazing designers Kyra filmed a tutorial on how she uses Illustrator for her art collections:

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is another great program for creating artwork. A free trial is available here.

It may seem daunting at first, but these tutorials will help you get started. After some practice, you’ll be making amazing artwork in no time!


This is a great completely free alternative to Illustrator and Photoshop. You can download GIMP here.

The layout of GIMP is very similar to Photoshop, though since it’s free, it’s not quite as sleek or fast-running. For our purposes, the slower rendering speeds shouldn’t cause any trouble though. To help get acquainted with the program, the following tutorials could be useful.

Formatting & Exporting

When making images in any of these programs, you should make the size ½” by ½” with between 300 to 500 ppi (pixels per inch). Both of these are settings you should be able to set when you first begin a new project. After creating a new file in your program of choice, look for options to adjust the dimensions of the project. Sometimes the ppi adjustment is less obvious than the canvas size. For example, in GIMP, you have to press the arrow next to “Advanced Options” to adjust that setting. If these settings result in a canvas that is too pixelated to work with, feel free to use higher resolution, but keep in mind for small projects like this, it’s better to stay true to the size we’ll be printing for maximum quality output.


Where Should I Send the Designs?

You can send them in an email to art@preemadonna.com.

We’d prefer you send the images in a ZIP file, if possible. If you don’t know how to do that, have no fear. It’s very simple on almost all computers. On most Macs, you can select your images in Finder and right/control click on your selection. Choose “Compress” and a new .zip file should be added to that folder. With Windows, the process is almost exactly the same. When you right click on the selected images, under “Send to…”, you can choose “Compressed (zipped) folder”.

Include your full name and any social media handles you’d like us to credit for the collection. We ask that you don’t send us a private social media account, this is more intended for artists that have a public page on Instagram, Facebook, blog, etc.

Please write a few sentences about what inspired you to make your collection in the email. We would love to hear about your experience!

Also note that submitting a collection does not automatically mean it will be approved and you’ll get the benefits of being a contributing artist (read section below for details). If the designs are sloppy, seem rushed, or lack originality, we may ask for you to revisit them. Please don’t let this scare you from making a collection, as this is only meant to prevent those who don’t care about their work and only want a free Nailbot unit or feature on our website!

If you are having any other questions, feel free to email us. We are always happy to help artists looking to get involved.

How to Become a Preemadonna Resident Artist

What we are really looking for is artists who want to contribute multiple collections. Once you submit three or more collections, some benefits include:

- Free merchandise package (Preemadonna t-shirts, canvas bags, nail polish, etc.)
- Will get a featured blog post on our website
- Have a more prominent spot on our Art Collections Page
- Collections will be featured publicly on our Nailbot mobile app, once launched, with credit given
- The more collections you submit, the more prominent spot it will take in the Nailbot mobile app home feed

If you would like to stick to one or two collections, you’ll see some benefits as well:

- Will have section on our Art Collections Page
- Chance of being chosen to be featured publicly on the Nailbot mobile app with credit given

No matter how many collections you submit, your art will be featured on our Art Collections Page & we may even do some fun social media videos to test our your awesome art with our prototypes like we did with intern Julia's art.

Submit to our Monthly Artist Challenge!

We will post themed challenges on our website! The collection that our community vote to be the most individual and creative will win a free beta Nailbot unit!



Your Preemadonna Interns

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