Posted by Kyra Wayne on July 15, 2016 at 3:00 PM

We here at Preemadonna have the desire to make new knowledge accessible to people around the world. Read more to see how we are using open source art to achieve our goal and to make your experience with the Nailbot a more fulfilling one!



Open-Source is a word that gets thrown around a lot, often associated with open-source software, OSS. In case you’re not sure what that means: open-source is defined as original assets (like code or images, etc.) made available to the public to study, alter, and/or distribute for any purpose (Source).  In other words, open-source items can be used by people totally unaffiliated with the original creator. Some creators require that they are given credit, but more often than not you’ll see that citation isn’t necessary (always good to check, though!). In the digital age of information sharing and mass content creation, open-source has become a movement, and has been dubbed the Open Source Initiative. Preemadonna is using open source art in our instructional videos and printing demos to churn out more content to you faster and to make your experience with the Nailbot a more fulfilling one!

Thus without any further introduction, we at Preemadonna are excited to say that you will soon be able to print all your favorite emojis on your nails, thanks to the open source EmojiOne! Their unique style is going to be fun to print and will lead to some impressive self expression. Check out this cool cheatsheet as well, to see how their emojis compare to the ones you use most commonly on your smart phones and on social media. But don't just stop there, since it's open source, that means you can use these emojis too! Check them out!

So look forward to more printing demos in the future--but this time, with emojis!




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