Posted by Casey Schulz on August 03, 2015 at 5:00 AM

As we’ve mentioned in the past, Preemadonna means being a lot of things - being dynamic, being smart, and feeling beautiful. That’s the foundation that we are building the company on, but many of you have asked how it relates to our first product, the Nailbot. Well, it’s complicated.

We want to bring to life a product that is fun, creative and engaging for girls and women. We understand that a fun product may not necessarily “empower women”, but that’s the background we come from. None of our products will require you to be something you’re not. None of our products will make you feel bad if you don’t have them. We are more about including people of all types and saying it’s all okay to be you! 

We know the Nailbot will not suddenly fix the many challenges women and girls face each day, but we hope the Nailbot will give them something fun to do and a way to feel pretty. The Nailbot is an instant way to get custom, DIY nail art at home using your smart phone….and we think that’s pretty awesome. 

 nailbot_art.jpg image05.gif nailbot_art_2.jpg


Our long-term plan has always been to incorporate ways that girls can learn to code through our app, build a very early prototype of their own printer as a Hacker Preemadonna, design cool art, and get information about notable women in our societies. But for now, the Nailbot, at its core, remains a seriously fun invention. If you are as excited about the Nailbot and our vision as we are, then consider becoming a Preemadonna Ambassador!

We have diverse programs for girls aged 8-18 - whether they love to hack, share stories and/or design art.

Don’t hesitate to email us at and we will answer any questions you may have.


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