Posted by Stella Ge on August 30, 2016 at 7:13 PM

Hi Preemadonnas! I’m Stella, I’m 19 years old, and I’m currently studying Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania as well as interning for Preemadonna this summer! Right now, I’m doing tech-y things in college (tons of programming), but I’m also super into design and art. In the future, I hope to combine both programming and design and work in a field like UI/UX design or web development!


I first got into tech and programming when I took AP Computer Science my sophomore year of high school, and I realized that I really liked the problem solving and logic involved with coding. It was challenging, of course, but seeing results on my own computer screen was just so rewarding. The fact that all these letters, semicolons, and variables I was tossing together could create beautiful games and digital art was pretty incredible! Then my junior year, I joined this program at my high school that focused on web and graphic design, and I fell in love! This really opened my eyes to all the possibilities that computer science could lead to, and how I could incorporate art into my work, and I decided to pursue it as my major in college. It’s been hard so far, not gonna lie, but everything is worth it when your programs finally come together and you see how much you’ve learned not only about coding but also the theory behind computer science.

This summer, I worked at Digital Media Academy, with the recently established Made by Girls program. Essentially, I’m teaching teen girls how to code, which has been so much fun! I get to put my own Java debugging and iOS design skills to the test, while also connecting with the girls in my classes. Week after week, I’m so impressed with their intelligence and enthusiasm and it’s amazing to see what they create at the end of the program; even in such a short amount of time, they grow tremendously as engineers and designers. This is actually how I learned about Preemadonna and the Nailbot! Pree (the CEO) and Kyra came into my iPhone and iPad programming class for a presentation, and I was fascinated both by the product itself and also by the emphasis the company puts on empowering girls to express themselves and get involved with engineering. After that, I was determined to get involved with the company and it all fortunately worked out - so now, here I am, part of the team of hackers, designers, and creators!


Currently, I’m working on setting up the design of the new crowdfunding campaign and am also helping with the development of some of Preemadonna’s webpages (you’ll see my work live soon!). I’m absolutely loving the atmosphere (we have tons of fun in the office) and I’m super passionate about what I’m doing, which makes the experience all the more fulfilling.



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