Posted by Preemadonna on January 08, 2016 at 8:42 PM

Hi! My name is Meghna Okhade, and I am a 9th grader at Mission San Jose High School, located in Fremont, CA. Some of my favorite things to do include reading, swimming, and traveling. I also enjoy music-related activities such as playing the piano and singing. 

Recently, I found out about Preemadonna. It was incredible seeing a video on YouTube about a printer that can print images on your nail! While watching the video of this invention in action, I was pleasantly surprised and had to replay it several times. Immediately, I wanted to see this printer on the shelf in my room. I told a few of my friends about this invention and they were in disbelief. I realized that not many people knew about this fabulous new product. 

At school, I joined a club called DECA, which stands for Distributive Education Clubs of America. This club is for people with business interests and addresses professions in marketing, hospitality, tourism, finance, and management. I decided to take part in marketing and signed up for an event called 'Advertising Campaign'. This event asked for people to create marketing proposals for a company or product. I immediately though of doing my proposal on Preemadonna. However, I wanted to take it a step further and actually get involved in the marketing of the Nailbot. 



I contacted Pree about the Nailbot and asked if I could help to market it, in order to raise awareness. After an interview and a few emails, I dived headfirst into achieving my goal of spreading the word about the Nailbot. Currently, I help to manage the Snapchat account of Preemadonna (username: nailbot) with my DECA partner, Sabrina Panjwani and both of us have created new features that will go on it's story such as #NOTD [Nail of the Day]. 

Another idea we are working on is forming partnerships with other female participation in STEM supporters. Sabrina and I are working to create links with Preemadonna and other organizations such as AAUW, American Association of University of Women, and our local Girls Who Code Club at school. 






One of the reasons I am so eager to be a part of Preemadonna is because I strongly agree and support their message. Society in general thinks women who enjoy shopping, doing their hair, or wearing dresses are not as smart as someone who steers clear from what public thinks of as 'girly' activities. Girls can be intelligent regardless of what activities they do. Preemadonna shows that designing your nails promotes creativity. In addition, they have encouraged girls to pursue technical and engineering skills through their Build-Your-Own Printer Kit. 

So, let's spread the word! For updates and details about the Nailbot, I encourage you all to follow and like Preemadonna on Instagram and Facebook and follow Nailbot on Snapchat (username: nailbot)! 



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