Posted by Charlotte Israel on July 09, 2016 at 9:46 AM

On June 24th Pree and I packed up the Nailbot and went to the Stanford campus to present for classes at the Digital Media Academy Made by Girls program. We spoke with two groups of about 20 teenagers about the journey and the making of the Nailbot. One of the classes we met was learning about building mobile apps and the other was designing wearable tech. So of course Preemadonna and our Nailbots fit right in!



As a MakerGirl myself, I was excited to meet the everyone from Made by Girls who empower girls to learn and explore technology and the digital world through coding and computer science. Preemadonna’s own Kyra Wayne also works as a TA at the Digital Media Academy and we were excited to have her class join our discussion. 

Pree shared her experiences of concept and product design and the many innovations that occur when you want to make an idea into a real product. A very important lesson that was shared during our presentation is that the first prototype is never the last prototype. You can always improve on your ideas. Ask for feedback, listen to your users, try out new things! You may discover different designs our ideas that will make your Nailbot, mobile app, tech bracelet our whatever even better.

We had a lot of fun presenting for the Digital Media Academy, we were particularly thrilled to have many boys be interested in our journey and ideas. We were also excited to hear from one of the TAs from the class. She enjoyed our presentation and was interested in joining us as an intern. We can’t wait to welcome her to the team later this summer!


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