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  1. a form of competitive weightlifting in which contestants attempt three types of lift in a set sequence.

When I started to power lift two years ago, I was told that having long nails would hinder my abilities. However, I went against those who said that and kept my nails long. I have not once broken my nails lifting weights.


Just look at my how my nails look now.


may also ask “ how much are you lifting?” These nails do not do not deter my abilities at all when it comes to power lifting. I only weigh 165 and I can squat 405, deadlift 335, and bench 205.

(315 deadlift for reps)

There is one catch to having nails for lifting. You have to make sure you keep your nails healthy and properly filed. Lifting puts a lot of stress on your nails so in order to keep them perfect you can follow some of my general guidelines.

  1. Don’t bite or ripe your nails. Biting and ripping your nails destroys and soften your nail beds. Try to grow out your nails even if they are brittle. Cut them with a nail clipper when they are a little bit past your nail bed. Also, make sure your don’t cut too close to the nail bed or this wont work. Keep doing thing for a couple of months and they will get much stronger.
  2. The shape of your nails matter! If your keep your nails square they snag on to things and have a much stronger chance of breaking. So the best shape to minimize this from happening is the coffin nail. It has less corners for you to catch on things and they look great!
  3. Have the correct diet! Eating more protein will help strengthen your nails since nails are made of protein. For those who do not take in as much protein as I do, there is hair and nail gummies that work great too!



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