Posted by Kyra Wayne on August 15, 2016 at 2:26 PM

The very first art collection I posted to Preemadonna was my Pacific Northwest collection, a tribute to where I grew up. Adding on to that, I've shared a love for coffee that many Seattle-ites possess. That was not always the case, though; my first time sneaking a taste of coffee as a child I thought it had gone bad and dumped the rest of my father's coffee down the sink. He was not pleased about that! Since then, though, coffee has always been a delightful treat, and an amazing aid when I would be tired or stressed out from school. When I was abroad in Australia, I lived across the street from a great coffee shop, too, which never stopped providing me with a sense of ease and comfort in my new surroundings. So in this collection I tried to recreate your favorite looks from latte art, capturing the warm chocolatey hues in different, fun shapes. Enjoy!

 coffeeArt.png heart.png coffeeArt3.png  coffeeArt2.png  coffeeFern.png

 frapp.png heart2.png beans.png   coffeeArt4.png macchiato.png


Kyra Wayne

Product Manager, Resident Artist

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