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Hey everyone, for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Kyra (pronounced “Kee-ra”) Wayne, and I am a junior Web Design Engineering major in the Silicon Valley. Originally my career goal was to focus solely on computer programming (what better place than the Valley for that, eh?), but a long history of loving art had made it nearly impossible for me to not include design in my work. So, to provide a better understanding of said background, I would love to tell you all about how I became interested in art in the first place!


We could go as far back as the days when I would draw Stick-man Tarzan (complete with loin cloth, dreads flapping in the wind, and vine in hand)… but, I feel that the moment I actually came to love and appreciate art was a few years later, in elementary school.

There was a girl I knew in school, Chloe, who was several grades above me and was very skilled at drawing anime. I fell in love with her style and proceeded to draw imaginary characters all the time in hopes of impressing her. She was very mature for her age, and only ever encouraged me to keep practicing. My parents, being the constructive critics that they are, got tired of hoped that I would move past drawing the same-looking characters and poses, so they enrolled me in art classes. That point onward, there was no turning back: I always had a sketchbook on me and continued to draw people in a progressively more realistic manner.

Upon exploring my new passion in my spare time, the magic really happened—I discovered Photoshop! At first, my methods were pretty simple: I would sketch something on a scratch piece of paper and scan it to my computer, and then use Photoshop to ‘fill’ in between the lines. My images looked pixelated, but I was ecstatic about this new way to combine my love of computers with my love of art. Then I discovered an even better program, Adobe Illustrator. This allowed me to create smooth vector-based lines for more flexibility in my edits, and otherwise gave my pieces a more professional feel. None of my classes taught me how to paint with Photoshop or design with Illustrator, however, so up to this point I was completely self-taught.

The years went by so fast that it made my head spin, and soon enough I reached the end of high school. In preparing for college, I thought I would take the more “sensible” path by putting art aside and solely pursuing my interest in programming. But it wasn’t long before I became dissatisfied and anxious to draw again, so this led to a huge switch in majors that just about scared all of my family members (you can hear more about the details on my blog, here).

Fast forward another year later, and by now I got the chance to take my first ever digital art class, Computer Imaging…and it was the most amazing thing ever!

  hankCommish.png FINAL.png flowerNoText.jpg wayneDuality1.jpg flora.jpg

This class rebirthed my love for digital artwork and reminded me that it is worth far more to stay true to your interests. Now I’m moving on to more advanced classes and taking on personal projects alongside my work. For example, I am currently working for—as you may be able to guess from this site—Preemadonna! My internship with this amazing startup is especially exciting for me since I know my art skills will be just as highly valued as my programming skills. I look forward to doing both design and software engineering.

Now, if you’re reading this, I can guess a few things about you: you love technology and apps, you love or know someone who loves painting their nails, and lastly, you are in your own right an artist (don’t argue with me on this one, everyone is an artist of their trade in my eyes, no matter the level of expertise). With that being said, I hope in reading this blog you could relate to my desire to involve art in not just my personal life, but also in my academic and work life. I also hope that as you embark on your life journey you will allow your passions to be your guide. Now the next step is up to you, so don’t waste any more time, become an Artist Ambassador today!


Preemadonna Artist & Intern


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