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image25.pngJan is is a serial entrepreneur with 15+ years working with start-ups and General Manager of XC Spec. She leads all aspects product development and deployment working with engineering and outside partners at XC Spec - from concept through high volume manufacturing. Her vision is to extend connected HVAC energy solutions, based on the Internet of Things (IoT), including mobile apps, cloud computing and various connected hardware devices. Currently Jan is active member of the WHPA Title 24 activities for economizers.  Jan started her electronics career as a radio technician for Motorola, so she has an appreciate of fixing things in high and often exposed conditions.  Jan's background includes working with ARPA and Berkeley during development of many of the Internet protocols. Jan holds an undergraduate degree from University of Illinois and a Masters from Illinois Institute of Technology. When not trying to think about new appliances to add radio technology into, Jan enjoys cooking and supporting her family.

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