Posted by Jacquelene Pham on August 18, 2017 at 11:27 AM

Hello beautiful Preemadonnas!

My name is Jacquelene Pham and I am moving toward my junior year at UCSC aiming for my B.S. degree in computer engineering. I have a loving family and group of friends back at home that continues to support each other to become better people. Scrolling through my social media feed one day, I found my friend Ankita, posting about a cool robot that left her painted nails fully designed– this was how I discovered Preemadonna. After hearing more about it, I was instantly amazed and inspired by how the organization put the two worlds of tech and beauty together. I knew it would be a wonderful place for me to contribute my passions and knowledge while learning more alongside the Preemadonna team.


The innovation of technology has always intrigued me. Having no computer science related courses during my high school years, I am motived in college to learn engineering alongside those who also share the same passion for technology. I am member of UCSC’s Project AWESoME (Advancing Women’s Education in the School of Engineering) where members are able to create projects, attend workshops, all while supporting each other. I also am also a part of MAGIC (More Active Girls in Computing) where I mentor a high school girl by counseling, projects, and fun. One of my most memorable projects during school was when I coded a programmable toaster on an Arduino kit that displayed lights and a “mini-toaster” pixel image. With all of my experiences that I continue to build, I aim to encourage young girls and women to pursue STEM with a passionate heart.

Aside from school, my favorite things to do is art! Painting and drawing give me joy as it expresses my creative side while having a cute artwork to display in my dorm! I also enjoy playing piano as it relieves my mind from any stress or worries. My fondness with beauty continues to grow as I watch beauty videos on YouTube and leave Sephora with a bunch of makeup swatches on my arm. Lastly, you can find me binge watching Netflix or jamming to music in my PJs – there are so many things that keep me alive and sane as a hardworking engineer, but also a girl who loves to have fun!


Doing coding projects at school and doing beauty at home, I never thought I could combine the two. But Preemadonna disproved my assumptions. I am happy to be the nerdy mathy engineer girl while expressing my artistic hobbies all while feeling smart and beautiful. But beauty and technology does not need to go hand in hand in order for women to feel intelligent beautiful. Everyone is entitled to these qualities and I am motivated to share this message with those I continue to come across. I am happy to be a part of this Preemadonna team and hope that it not only helps me grow as an engineer, but as a confident woman and leader.



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