Posted by Jackie Nichols on July 25, 2016 at 10:53 AM

Hi Everyone!
My name is Jackie Nichols.  I am a rising senior at Acalanes High School in Lafayette, California.  I am new to the Preemadonna team and am beyond excited to do some work for the company!


A little about me:
I have been playing soccer since kindergarten, and I currently play on a club team based in Orinda.  In the winter I will begin my fourth year on the varsity high school soccer team and will hopefully lead my team to a league championship title for the third year in a row… fingers crossed! Having played the sport all my life, I am a very team-oriented person who values hard work and leadership.  

I LOVE to travel.  I am currently working on a travel blog, but I’ve put the project on hold until I have time to travel again (I’m a little busy with college apps right now). Hopefully I will land a job that allows me to see the world!  

Last summer, I attended the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program which inspired me to pursue a Computer Science related career after college.  Since the Girls Who Code program, I have continued to learn coding through my school’s AP Computer Science class and online courses. 



I also have a background in digital art, so Preemadonna has given me an opportunity to combine my coding skills with my creative side! In the future, I also hope to find a career that integrates both of sides of myself. I first heard about Preemadonna through Sommar Veverka, an intern and Lead Preemadonna Ambassador here.  When she told me about the company’s mission to inspire girls, I immediately knew I had to hop on board the Preemadonna train! Out of the two Computer Science classes I have taken in high school, I was one of the only four girls in both classes.  Not only did it make the class more intimidating, but I previously associated Computer Science as a man’s career for a long time.  I used to be embarrassed to be so fascinated in tech. Not anymore!!! Preemadonna reminds me that smart is beautiful.

Can't wait to share more!



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