Posted by Pree Walia on February 08, 2018 at 1:03 PM

We are so excited to welcome our newest roster of all star Preemadonna interns: Maxie, Brooke, Gracie & Hannah - all juniors at St. Francis High School in Silicon Valley. They are taking over our Instagram and Snapchat - so make sure to follow us!






Hey Preemadonna people! My name is Maxie Quinn and I am interning at Preemadonna on the social media team. I love anything snapchat, instagram, pinterest or vsco and am so excited to share my posts and ideas via social media with the preemadonnas of the world. I am passionate about women empowerment and strongly believe everyone women is smart and beautiful.Outside of interning,  I play field hockey, I am a Soulcycle fanatic, and going San Francisco on the weekends is my favorite thing to do. I am so excited to connect with the Preemadonna’s over social media and to empower every girl with confidence while doing it.




Hey Preemadonnas!! I’m super excited to be one of your social media interns! My name is Brooke Anderson and I’m a junior at Saint Francis High School. My favorite subjects are Physics and Psychology because ever since I was little I have I loved understanding how things work. When I was three I would take apart my toys and put them back together and these days I’m always asking questions.

I have played field hockey at my school for three years and I met most of my friends, including my fellow social media intern, Maxie Quinn, through the sport. I also play on a club team and hope to keep playing for a long time.

Besides field hockey, one of my passions is photography. Before this year, I was mainly into point and shoot photography and I would edit them after. However starting in January 2018, I started taking a photography course at school. Now I am learning the creative choices involved in photography and I hope to keep learning new things about it.

I think the journey of turning an idea for a company into a reality is incredibly inspiring, and that Preemadonna’s core values are a rare but awesome combination. Being able to embrace both beauty and intelligence at the same time is unique to Preemadonna and a provides a great environment to work in. I am so excited to represent this company and to see what is to come!





Hey! I'm Grace Karic and I'm a junior at Saint Francis High School. My favorite subjects are math and art. I have always thrived in math and am currently in AB calculus and plan on taking BC next year. Also I have taken advanced art courses at saint francis over the past 3 years and its something i am good at and enjoy. 

I enjoy playing soccer, hanging out with my friends and families, posting and chatting with my friends on social media, and drawing in my free time. Contrary to what I tell my parents, I spend a lot of my time on social media. I enjoy editing photos on this app called VSCO and posting them on instagram, snapchat, and twitter. I communicate with all my friends over snapchat and post stories of me and my everyday life. In my free time I also play competitive soccer and practice when I can. I love to travel and experience new things and attend concerts and performances. Art has always been a subject area that I enjoyed and thrived in. I consider myself a very creative person and think I translate this to my social media posts. I enjoy experimenting with new mediums and forms of art and am passionate about it; I hope to continue this in college by taking some advanced art courses. I personally love getting my nails done but hate paying for it. I always try and paint my nails and they never turn out as I hoped. I constantly attempted to paint myself flowers or designs and went  through a phase were I would dip my nails in the water and nail-polish to create that marble effect. The nailbot is awesome because it gives girls the opportunity to dress their nails with cool designs and symbols that they could not do themselves or even get at the nail salon. I think the preemadonna is the perfect combination of math science and girly fun. It encourages girls to not be afraid to go into math and science fields and shows them that they can still incorporate their girly interests into this work. Preemadonna inspires girls to strive to be whatever they want and that if they work hard they will be successful.




Hi Preemadonnas! My name is Hannah Matthews and I'm a junior at Saint Francis High School. My favorite subject in school is math because I enjoy learning calculus and understanding how numbers relate to the real world with rates and logarithms. I am very active in the Girls Who Code club at Saint Francis High School. Girls Who Code has taught me not only how to code, but also how to collaborate ideas that are innovative and work together when something does not go right. I also am an active member of CSF as a peer tutor and NHS. Finally, I currently work for the city of Mountain View as a lifeguard, where I have learned responsibility and teamwork.

Ever since I can remember, I loved having a social media presence. I view my instagram as a timeline of my life, so I can look back and show my children all my experiences and friends. Not only is it a way to share memories, but also show my personality through the things I do. Social media has given me a place to share photos with all my friends and I would be ecstatic to share the Preemadonna and Nailbot with them as well. I have been passionate about Preemadonna and the Nailbot since I was in eighth grade and we tested out the prototype at the Quinn’s. I believe it is an incredible experience to be able to get involved with Preemadonna and the Nailbot because it is a unique idea that is extremely successful. It would be a dream to be able to have a part of that. I hope to major in marketing or communications and believe that this will be a great first step. Finally, as a girl who could never do her nails or even make them look presentable growing up, I believe that this product would have and will change my life.





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