Posted by Elise Voglewede on November 18, 2018 at 11:57 AM

Just last month, I went to my first homecoming game and dance! The dance which was on a Saturday was after dinner, so a friend invited me to get ready at her house before. When I arrived, we chose which dress I wanted to wear. The dress I decided on was silver with embroidered stars and a sweetheart illusion neckline.


After picking the dress, we straightened and curled hair, and picked out makeup. Before putting on the makeup though, we hurried downstairs to grab a bite of pizza. Then we did each other’s nails! Sadly though we skip nail designs, because by hand they take too long and smudge too often. If only we had a Nailbot to make our nails as glamorous as our dresses. It would be the perfect addition to any dance pre-party. My first homecoming dance was overall amazing! Glamorous dresses, straightened hair and nice people.



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