Posted by Alan Phung on July 04, 2018 at 4:52 PM

In today’s American society, it is fair to say when males paint their nails it is considered stange. However, thousands of years ago painting nails was normal for men. Here where some examples.

In 3200 BC, people in Babylonia wore different nail polish colors to signify classes. The darker the color the higher class you are and alternatively the lighter colors were for lower classes. Even the soldiers would put on black and green nail polish. They actually believed having those colors on would intimidate and instill fear into their enemies.


In around 3000 BC, Chinese people of higher class would wear nail polish made of egg whites, beeswax and gelatin. In the Chou Dynasty gold and silver nails represented the highest class while in the Ming Dynasty utilized black and red to signify status.  


In Egypt everyone would wear nail polish to distinguish class as well. If a King or Queen would wear a specific color nail polish no one else would wear that color and would even be punished if they wore the same color. Soldiers would spend lots of time on their nails hair and even makeup before battle as well.

Now 5000 years later, people think it is strange for men to paint their nails. It seems to me that people have regressed in that social aspect. This was caused by companies targeting only females with nail products. Since there are so many nail companies that do the same thing this has created a society where it is now strange for men to wear nail polish. Painting nails shows a person's inner beauty and who they are as a form of creative expression. I reckon that men should start to wear nail polish again especially since there is so many cool products to use for your nails now.


Alan Phung

Preemadonna Intern 

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