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Note: If you missed Part 1 of our HAX story, check out my previous blog post!

HAX Demo day was the culmination of the hardware accelerator, and Preemadonna’s adventures in China. On May 11, 2015, we participated in HAX Demo Day in San Francisco where we showcased all of our efforts over the past several months (and years!) to create the best Nailbot, a nail art and nail painting robot, possible.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with demo day at a venture fund or an accelerator program, it’s a bit like a grown up recital (think Shark Tank style - but longer with a slide presentation and a large audience). My previous Hax experience had prepared me well for Demo Day, but I was still nervous. I did my best to put my nerves behind me and tried to #Nailit :)

IMG_3969.JPGPitching at Demo Day! 

The other HAX teams were amazing - we’re so lucky to have their support. There were of course highs and lows of the experience abroad (Casey got serious food poisoning and ended up in the hospital during vacation in Xi’an and the sides of my body were bruised after sleeping on hard beds for the first month!); however, the sense of camaraderie among the teams - shout out to PicBuy, Electroloom, Arduboy, and Kokoon Headphones! -  made all the difference.

The most rewarding part of the HAX experience was knowing that we had taken our early proof of concepts and transformed them not only into functional prototypes, the Nailbot, but the foundation for a lasting global business.

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