Posted by Elise Voglewede on September 12, 2018 at 1:44 PM

Every year, girls prepare for the first day of school. They may want the perfect outfit, haircut, and nails to make the best first impression to their peers and their teachers. Now with the Nailbot, girls can have an easy ice breaker right on their nails. The Nailbot can easily print any of your hobbies or interests on your nails with the press of a button. The nail art done by the Nailbot can initiate conversations that could lead to acquaintances or even future friendships. What are some of the things you would like to put on your nails? I know I would love to put something related to either NASA, diving, or Girl Scouts.


Nails have always been something I look at when first meeting someone. Do they look nice? Are they taken care of? I find the state of a person’s nails to be a good representation of how they care for themselves. I also feel that nail color and art can show a small peek at a person’s personality. Nails can be a great intro to who you are, but don’t let them define you. Make this your year. Good luck meeting new people and making new friends on your first day of school.


Elise Volgewede

Preemadonna High School Intern & Ambassador

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