Posted by Ethelbert Williams on November 08, 2015 at 8:00 AM

By Ethelbert Williams, Advisor

A young girl stood up at a Las Vegas town hall earlier this summer and asked presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, "Do you think when you're President you'll be paid the same as if you were a man?" The crowd cheered, Clinton laughed and responded, "This is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same."

Clinton continued, "But there are so many examples where that doesn't happen, where women doing the same jobs are not paid the same.”

While it may be obvious that a female Commander in Chief would ultimately be compensated equally, this unfortunately is not the case in many professional environments, especially the tech sector. Why are women so underrepresented? A lack of ideas? Not enough role models? The path to resolving this issue is exactly why I was attracted to Pree Walia, her vision to build a technology brand focused around meeting women’s needs and driving forward her movement: Preemadonna.

Preemadonna is a platform that Pree has created which helps address the very gap at least one little girl seemed in tune around--how her own abilities can be perceived or limited by others.  Preemadonnas are multifaceted—they are investors, artists, engineers, athletes, hackers and performers. They step across all life’s stages and faces of the world as diverse women.  

Pree's company movement focuses on technology that is relevant to girls’ and women’s lifestyle needs.  With the convergence of technology supporting devices, consumables and digital media, it’s no surprise Pree has taken on the beauty industry with a disruptive concept.  Her first commercial offering includes the Nailbot, an innovation that automatically decorates nails leveraging a simple experience through a smartphone app and device. The connection between Preemadonna’s mission and the device enable a powerful platform where women and girls can express themselves.


Importantly, the company’s go-to-market approach is enabling women to connect, collaborate, create and benefit together through the organization. Sound inspired? The groundwork is in place and as an advisor to Pree I am thrilled and proud of her journey. 

I am inspired that young women everywhere continue to realize that being smart and feeling beautiful do not have to be a contradiction, while being President or holding any position of stature.

Ethelbert Williams is a global marketing executive for Kimberly-Clark Corporation. He is also an advisor, investor and mentor to exceptional entrepreneurs.  He can be reached at ethelbert (at) gmail (dot) com



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