Posted by Pree Walia on August 01, 2016 at 2:00 PM

We are always eager to highlight women that build, make, and invent new products or services for our community of dynamic Preemadonnas!

Today, we are featuring Natalie Catania, a passionate designer and entrepreneur, with a bachelor’s degree in Design and Illustration from OCAD University in Toronto. She is excited to launch her inaugural brand Ms. Dress Up and its leading fashion solution- based product, The Zipper Pull. 

Natalie Catania, struggled trying on high-back dresses while shopping and wondered why it was so difficult to do up a zipper on her own. Catania stressed, “Sometimes, I felt like I needed to be a contortionist just to get dressed. I would jump up and down in the dressing room and regret not going to yoga more often. I wished there was a simpler solution".  After watching a show about divers and their ease in doing up their own wetsuits, Natalie had an epiphany and used the same long zipper extension as the foundation for designing Ms. Dress Up’s Zipper Pull. From there, she elevated the concept into a versatile piece of fashionable jewellery. An ornamental chain hooks into the zipper of a high-back dress and is used as an extension to the existing pull, acting as a pulley to effortlessly zip yourself up. The hook fits into a variety of zippers, including invisible zippers. Afterwards the chain becomes an elegant necklace, bracelet or anklet. Women can go out shopping with it and try on dresses, without the help of an impatient partner.



The Zipper Pull is the perfect companion! Keep it in your closet or take it with you when you travel. At the end of the day you can remove the Zipper Pull and replace the hook back in the dress zipper to, once again, effortlessly unzip your dress.


Natalie met Pree, when she was involved in a pitch competition through a company called Female Funders.  Natalie is so excited to be a part of the Preemadonna blog and be featured as part of the community of smart, creative, dynamic girls with cool inventions!  Natalie believes that anyone can be an inventor/creator, you just have to believe in yourself and go for it!

For more information about Natalie and her business check out her website at:


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