Posted by Devin Collins on July 20, 2016 at 10:52 AM

Barbies, Dress-Up, and Tea Parties. Throw in editing and circulating my own newspaper and vlog and you’ve summed up a day in the life of my 8-year-old self. Hi, my name is Devin Collins and it was with great fervor and zeal that I join the Preemadonna team as the newest Digital Media Intern.


It was at a young age and after several viewings of Finding Nemo, that I began my first business: the Sea Side Club. With markers in one hand and stickers in the other, my childhood best friend and I sprawled across my pink bedspread and began our lives as entrepreneurs. From scribbling out membership cards to hosting “classes” in my bedroom, the two of us used our creative energy as best as possible to share our love of sea life. Though we might have just really thought otters were cute, Sea Side introduced to me to a new passion: Journalism. Sitting down at our family computer, I wrote my first newspaper: The Daily Narwhal (And yes, that was the actual name). With clip art pictures of dolphins and Comic Sans font, I wrote all sorts of pieces about endangered marine life and our club events. Soon followed the videos made with my mom’s digital camera. And though my parents and older sisters may have been the only ones to read my kiddy pieces, I slowly began to realize my identity as a creator. 


From journal keeping and poem creating, to blogging and reading, I have always enjoyed written word. I attended all of the midnight premiers for the Harry Potter movies and books. And each summer, I was the nerdy kid who looked forward to the local library summer reading program. Throughout high school, I enjoyed the highest AP English classes and graduated with honors in the department. I began my college career, however, still unsure of where I wanted to go with life. My parents, having witnessed my young entrepreneurial skills, suggested business. As a freshman at the University of San Francisco, I majored in Advertising major, hoping to find an outlet for my creativity. It soon became apparent to me, however, that Communication might present me with greater opportunities to explore my love for written word.

I transferred to Santa Clara (Go Broncos!) my sophomore year and immediately found my passion in the major. Though I obviously enjoyed all of the writing classes, I avoided one required class at all costs: Digital Film Making. Ahead of me lay hours of homework editing on a computer and seemingly pointless video project. Ugh! With so much other stuff on my plate, I could not wait to get it over with.

One week into the course, however, I was in love. The freedom to express myself both with the camera and special effects led to a whole new avenue in creativity I had never imagined. The hours I had dreaded became the days I most looked forward to. I suddenly began recalling the trivia of famous directors (Alejandro Innaritu was a Communication major too!) and admiring Oscar winning cinematography (They used all natural lighting for this?!). And now as a rising senior pursuing a Journalism thesis, I can say with confidence that this is where my heart lies. I look forward to taking courses such as Advanced Journalism and Short Documentary production in the coming fall, while exploring personal interests such as my new internship. 

Outside of the office, I work as an editorial intern for the alumni publication at school, as well as an assistant editor for a student-run literary magazine. Having had to work off campus the last three years to support myself through college, I am excited to finally embrace my senior year on campus (I don’t want to leave yet!). I plan to enjoy my last year as a Bronco spending time with my lovely friends, dancing as much as possible, getting out on a hike as often as possible, roadtripping to every ice cream shop in CA, and returning for the first time in years to the life of swim (yay early morning practices!). I have a love for fashion, which makes Preemadonna a great fit for my inner stylist. I am thrilled to have found a place where I can embrace my femininity and combine my passion for the arts, while pursuing life long dreams. I look forward to both sharing my personal story, as well as Preemadonna’s, as I embark on this new chapter of life! Look out for new videos, Preemadonnas!




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