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For me, as the proud dad of Preemadonna co-founder Casey, it is easy to see her today as a creative engineer and inventor.

casey-tree.JPGCasey was always an inquisitive child. I remember one time that we had a giant dead hickory tree up near the house. The tree guys came to take it down and Casey convinced us to leave about 15 feet of the trunk in tact… “I want to have lunch in the tree Dad.” Sure enough a few days later Casey and I climbed a ladder. Sat on top of that tree trunk and ate our lunch…marveling at how high in the air we were….


Casey loves to travel and experience new people and adventures. She travelled across the country from Kentucky to go to college in California, interned at NASA, visited the Command Center of the International Space Station, and understood every new piece of electronic gadgetry as soon as it was released. 

Casey’s Mom and I owned a Kentucky Crafts store and a supermarket. Casey was always around both places and always trying to figure out the best way to do something better. “Why do you display your handmade baskets this way Mom?” “Why not try this?” “Why do you unload groceries off the truck this way Dad?” “Why not try this?”

Casey-chainsaw.JPGWe tried to instill in Casey a fearless attitude toward equipment and gadgetry. I remember her using my chainsaw (with very very close supervision and safety equipment…) when she was only 6 years old. She just loved the excitement of tools and machines and electronics. She would ask for any broken or about-to-be-tossed gadgets or machines so she could take them apart and study them…old clocks, radios, leaf blowers….even a cash register one time!


Casey was certainly all girl - someone who loved playing dress up and writing plays and performing with all the drama the stage could stand. But she was also a serious student who enjoyed math, built robots, and won several awards at Science Fairs. That combination of creativity and engineering certainly helped her when she set about to design and engineer the Nailbot - a beautiful piece of machinery with all the flair of princesses and wonder. 

-Casey’s Dad





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