Posted by Alan Phung on July 02, 2018 at 4:58 PM

Why are men in the US who have nice nails are frowned upon and labeled as feminine? Having polished nails is a very natural thing and in many other cultures this is normal. In this blog, I will discuss 2 cultures where having nice nails is a good thing.


Believe it or not, historically in Chinese culture men have long nails to symbolize wealth. If you were a farmer you did not have the luxury to have long nails because they would break under your workload. The rich had long nails to show that they did not have to work even a day in labor intensive  jobs. Today, Chinese males regardless of class now can have long nails. It has become a way for Chinese males to express themselves. Many chinese men would also say that having long nails look better. Sometimes older Chinese males also grow out their pinky nail because they believe that having a pinky longer than the first knuckle of your ring finger would bring them a better later life. It is not just in Chinese culture that this is normal.



In Columbia men love to get Manicures. They believe their nails look better when they take care of them. Men in Columbia normally would apply a base, tone and gloss to make their nails stronger, pinker and shinier. They also do this to attract women as they believe that women look at what you wear but also your nails. Juan Carlos Castro, the director of the Cosmetics and Grooming Chamber of the National Association of Businesses of Colombia says that his father who was in the military always enjoyed manicures.

So, why is it that in the US you are deemed not masculine when you take care of your nails? Maybe American masculinity is a bit too fragile. If we as a society can move past the old stereotypical image of what a man is “supposed” to look like we can all live happier lives!


Alan Phung

Preemadonna Intern

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