Posted by Pree Walia on November 15, 2015 at 8:00 AM

From the day that Preemadonna was incorporated, I knew that we would be a global company built by girls. I wanted the company to incorporate a female, international perspective to power our products and community.

Over the past ten years - since I graduated from college - I’ve gotten to travel the world for work, school and leisure. Among the memorable trips: New Years in Paris with sorority sisters, a semester in Gujarat, India during business school, a month in South Africa with my one of my best friends, 5 months in China working on the Nailbot with the amazing Casey Schulz, and a single girl’s summer in Europe in 2012 where the idea of the Nailbot was first conceived.

And in all my travels, I’ve noticed a commonality amongst the women and girls I’ve bonded with - old friends and new ones. We like (or at least voyeuristically follow) pop culture, enjoy dynamic female friends and often consume and enjoy some aspect of the beauty culture (while simultaneously feeling confined and stifled by many other aspects of it) 

Preemadonna and our inventions (the Nailbot product family is the first of many!) are really not for one ‘type’ of girl. I get bombarded by investors in pitch meetings pushing me to ‘segment’ my target market now and in the future. While I attempt to appease them, I know that so many women (and some men!) love to paint nails. So while the Nailbot is currently focused on nail art for our younger Preemadonnas, we know that every woman in the family may want a Nailbot that decorates with art and full coverage polish.

Why am I so confident about the future of the Nailbot? I am a “girl’s girl”. I have two older sisters, a strong mom and have essentially lived with women for nearly all of my 32 years in this world in cities across the globe. Geography, race, class and age may change. But the connection that women have with each other - if we deem it to be collaborative and constructive - is fundamentally transformative. I felt this way with all the women that have supported this company: from Jan Peterson, my mentor who hired me at an early stage startup and helped me with the first proof of concept, to Diane Donald, my freshman year roommate and our very first investor, to Stephanie Smith, my former boss in politics, to all of my girlfriends who put money into this company 

I - and you, Preemadonnas, and any future consumer of the Nailbot - are reaping the benefits of not only leaning in, but also of the support of women that have loved, believed and financially supported us.

In our crowdfunding campaign for the Nailbot, it will initially only be shipping within the United States. We are doing this to make sure that we ship product on time and get critical feedback from early Ambassadors to finetune our products. We DO plan on entering non U.S. markets soon after our Indiegogo crowdfunding debut - especially with our mobile marketplace and augmented reality offerings in our Preemadonna smartphone apps. So if you are wondering when the Nailbot will be offered outside the United States, please be patient and sign up to stay updated!

We are excited by the market potential of the Nailbot, but we are also humbled because this company - and this broader #BUILTBYGIRLS movement to redefine inspirational beauty and support women in technology and business - will only happen together if we can bring all girls and partners across the globe to the table.





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