Posted by Pree Walia on September 01, 2015 at 5:00 AM

I spent two weeks on the East Coast in July for work meetings and for the #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us conference in New York City. This was my first time attending a professional blogger event and it exceeded my expectations.

I met many incredible women who forged their own entrepreneurial path through their blogs - even while having full time jobs. I immediately felt a strong sense of camaraderie as I networked and learned the ins and outs of vlogging (video blogging), crafting relevant content, and creating an authentic brand with 1,000+ other women. 

#BlogHer15 Highlights 

blog_her_1.png blog_her_2.png


The night before the kickoff session there was an exclusive screening of “He Named Me Malala” that some of the lucky attendees got to preview. I was one of them! I can’t mention much publicly about the film until the official push later this Fall, but the film was incredible and Malala is a dynamic young woman whose tenacity should never be underestimated.

Day 1

I was enthralled by morning sessions from BlogHer’s next generation of storytellers, Hatchlings. BlogHer understands that a younger generation (are we terming them Generation Z now?!) has its own unique perspective - a modern generation grown (and still growing!) up with a mobile phone in their hands. Since our early Preemadonnas and our Ambassadors are part of this generation, we want to make sure we are cognizant of their needs as we grow our brand and movement.  Hatchlings are very welcome in the Preemadonna family as Ambassadors!

I was also fired up by the session from Girl Scouts CEO, Anna Maria Chávez. I, in true go-getter Preemadonna fashion, approached her as she was waiting for an elevator and pitched getting the Nailbot, our nail robot, into the hands of Girl Scouts across the world. Who would love Girl Scouts badges and digital cookies printed on their nails?! She appreciated my tenacity, gave me a CEO badge and told me to get in touch. 


Anna, we will be in touch! And for all the Girl Scout local troop leaders, please sign up as community partners so that we can get your girls access to the Nailbot earlier! This movement is starting chapter by chapter!

Day 2

The Pitch Contest was OUTSTANDING! It was great to see six incredible companies with social purposes lead by strong, powerful women presenting to other influential women. Congrats to the winner Marjora Carter, who pitched Startup Box. Marjora is creating a hub of technical innovation and talent in low-income communities starting first in the Bronx...inspiring and much needed.


The afternoon session with Teneshia Jackson Warner was the highlight of the conference for me. This woman is BOLD. She is FIERCE. And she has GUTS. I’d like to think she is a Preemadonna! After relentlessly pursued and achieved her goals by following her mind, heart and inner strength, and stretched even further to start her own company. I loved hearing about her spunky journey - it gave me faith that the past three years of building, inventing and struggling to bring the Nailbot, our nail printer, to life will be worth it. #GirlBoss

We can’t wait for the next BlogHer conference!

If you are a blogger focusing on tech, STE(A)M, beauty, gender empowerment, pre-teens and teenagers or motherhood (or consider yourself a writer on any/some/all of those topics), please get in touch. We’d love to have you guest blog on our website, share the Nailbot’s journey with you, and join forces!



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