Artist Challenge


Challenge: Feminist Nail Art!

Design Nailbot art inspired by feminists in history! 

Send your designs (PNG format) to following these specifications and make sure to tell us why you find this person inspiring, and how your artwork is inspired by her/him!

If your design is selected, it'll be featured on the Preemadonna blog, on our social media sites, and in the Nailbot App for Preemadonnas across the world to print on their nails with the Nailbot! We can't wait to see your creativity!

Check out one of our submissions from Ambassador RAD: 

Nailbot Nail Art Submission Instructions

1. 1/2" Square Design;CMYK; 300 minimum DPI 

2. Email designs to in PNG (TIFF files are great too!). Feel free to tell us about your artwork and why this feminist is so inspiring!

3. Share your designs and tag @Preemadonna and follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and like us on Facebook!


*By submitting your work, you grant Preemadonna Inc. the rights to use your images and designs on Preemadonna’s website, publications, mobile apps, social media sites for credit only. Not all designs and submissions will be featured.*

We can't wait to see your #Preemadonna #Nailbot #NailArt!