Posted by Anisha Tavva on July 08, 2017 at 8:54 PM

Hi Preemadonnas,

My name is Anisha Tavva and I am a rising third year at the University of California, Santa Cruz pursuing a BS in Computer Science. A couple of fun facts of myself include: I love exploring nature, I love reading&binge watching TV, I love to spend time with my family&friends. I have lived in the Bay Area my whole life and love exploring the vast food places and nature sites. I absolutely love spending my time in the city, San Francisco. I am a barista at a local café in my school and love interacting with people. I am beyond excited to be a summer intern for Preemadonna!


Most of my classes are based on programming as well as math. Growing up, I absolutely loved math and was intrigued by the multiple ways a problem could be solved in multiple techniques. I spend multiple hours problem solving with algorithms as well as spend hours finishing up a coding project. Being super busy in college, working a job, being a member of clubs, and keeping myself up to date with my classes helped me keep myself in check as well a helped me lead a balanced life. I always like to keep my schedule on my laptop using stickies’ and well has have a calendar on my desk with my plans for the day to make sure that I get everything done in an orderly fashion.

I found out about this internship through Ankita, who is also an intern for Preemadonna this summer! I was beyond excited when Ankita told me about this opportunity and realized this internship had a lot in my favor: I love inspiring women, I love to be create, I love to code, and most important I love interacting with other people. When I first learned about the nailbot machine I was in awe, I thought it was a super cool ideal and it immediately grabbed my attention. Growing up, I loved to do my nails. I immediately wanted to be part of this amazing project and amazing team.

This summer I hope to work on the “Nail the Code” website with other interns as well as on the nailbot machine. I love interacting with people and love the feeling of success with a group. I am beyond excited to help promote Preemadonna ideals as those are some of my shared values. I want to be part of movement to make women feel powerful and beautiful! I am beyond grateful and excited for this beautiful opportunity and cannot wait to make it such a great experience. I am so thrilled to finally start working and being part of this team.



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