Posted by Alan Phung on August 20, 2018 at 5:17 PM

Outside of interning for Preemadonna and helping with Nailbot, I've been an active entrepreneur exploring new business ideas. On July 19th 2018, I did my first business pitch. My business is called SquareOne and we focus of providing teens with career development programs through the use of our app. We created a platform that connects programs looking for high school students to students. This Pitch competition was held at 1871 and was organized through a group called Future Founders. This was a great experience because 2 weeks leading up the pitch I was given guidance by Future Founders on how to properly develop my business plan.

Throughout the two weeks no one really minded my nails. People even gave me comment on how nice and long my nails were. I remember a couple of days into the program I engaged in a very lively conversation on how to keep I keep my nails nice and long. So, my nails didn't affect me negatively at all.



They also brought us to a dance class, cooking class, and a rock climbing class. These classes were used to bring everyone out of their shells and be more open (very important skill for pitching). My nails did not hinder me in these classes either.

During the competition my founders and I pitched to 4 panels of judges. Each panel of judges felt the need to drill me about my product. However, I was prepared to answer all the questions. The toughest judge was the Director of External Affairs And International Relations of 1871.  She gave us a stone cold face the whole time and it was very hard not to laugh. After the pitches we had a showcase of our product. We showed our product to all our friends and family. In the back of our minds we all were waiting on the results of the pitches. When they said our name on stage we felt very excited because we knew that there was more to come of our company. We won 3rd place in the pitch competition and even got a handsome prize.


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(Credits to Future Founders for the photos)

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